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Jorge Rubinstein, Founder


Jorge Rubinstein has an MSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He has worked on the areas of semiconductor device modelling and fabrication,
MOS and VLSI circuits, neural networks, signal delay in RC tree networks, systems on a chip,
spread spectrum technology, multirate filtering, fault tolerance, ethernet, HART, HDLC and video compression.
He is the designer of a pioneering System on a Chip (SoC) that is the basis for an industrial control system successfully deployed around the world
in numeruous industries, from nuclear technology to petrochemical and food processing.
He is the inventor and implementor of the first known massively parallel distributed memory VLSI video encoder IC.
He has issued patents in memory technology and in video compression technology and other pending patents, and has authored several technical papers.
He received the IEEE Darlington Award in 1985 for the best paper in design automation.